How Can Hospice Help?


Our hospice teams offer patients choices, support and comfort. Our team of physicians, registered nurses, social workers, chaplains and volunteers are available to respond to our patients’ needs. We work with each individual to make sure their wishes come first. Together the team helps each patient live their best possible quality of life surrounded and supported by loved ones, friends, and committed caregivers.

Registered Nurses visit patients regularly to assess your medical needs, communicate with their doctor, and implement their treatment orders. They also provide the patients’ caregivers training regarding patient daily care.

Medical Social Workers help patients and their loved ones with grief counseling and end-of-life planning. They also assist with financial issues and accessing other community resources.

Chaplains provide spiritual care as patients and their loved ones struggle with meaning, purpose and sustaining hope at this time of life. Chaplain services are offered to all patients regardless of their personal spiritual beliefs.

Nurse Aides assist with personal care, such as bathing, hair care, and other needs.

Volunteers assist with respite care for the caregiver, errands, transportation, grocery shopping, and more.

Bereavement Counselors provide counseling for patients, their family and friends, and for any community member experiencing grief from the death of a loved one.

Prescription medications, medical equipment and medical supplies related to the terminal illness are provided, usually at no cost to the patient.

Dietary Counseling and Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy are also available.

Inherent in hospice care is the ongoing education about caregiving, the disease process, and the options and interventions to help relieve pain and other discomforts.

Call our team at (208) 265-1179 for more information about our services and how we can help.