Diagnostic Imaging

We are committed to providing the latest technology in diagnostic imaging, which is why we offer 3-D mammography and just installed a new, state of the art MRI.

3-D Mammography 

  • Latest technology in breast cancer screening
  • Images are taken from different angles than a traditional 2-D mammogram, allowing doctors to examine breast tissue one layer at a time
  • Detects 40% more invasive cancers than 2-D mammography
  • Results in up to 40% fewer callbacks for rescreening
  • Exams use virtually the same radiation dose as 2-D mammography
  • Is proven to be the most superior screening for breast cancer

Bone Mineral Density (DEXA)

The most accurate test to diagnose osteoporosis Determines if there is normal or low bone density Uses a low dose of radiation.


3-D Mammography and DEXA Bone Mineral Density Tests are provided in our Imaging Services department in our Health Services Building located at 423 N. Third Avenue, Suite 210 in Sandpoint.

To schedule an appointment for a mammogram or bone mineral density test, please call (208) 265-3349.


Other Diagnostic Imaging Services Provided at Bonner General Health Include:

Computerized Tomography

Is used to diagnose issues in the abdomen, brain, chest, extremities, head, pelvis, spine, and is used for stroke exams.



Uses arthrogram injections, barium studies, urography, and other fluoro procedures.

General Radiography

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Is used to diagnose issues in the abdomen, brain, chest, extremities, head, joints, pelvis and spine.

Our new state of the art MRI has the most comfortable memory foam available, is roomier with reduced noise levels, and is much faster, which greatly elevates patient comfort.


Nuclear Medicine

Is used to diagnose issues in the heart, gallbladder, lungs, myocardial perfusion, thyroid, gastrointestinal conditions, sentinel node, and bones.


Is used to diagnose issues in the abdomen, aorta, breast, carotid artery, kidneys, and pelvis.

These services are provided in the hospital building located at 520 N. Third Avenue in Sandpoint.

To schedule an appointment please call (208) 265-1142.